Our Team

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Chief Executive Officer/Founder

A New York and Virginia lawyer, with 15 years experience in international and domestic human rights and almost 10 years of specific training, research and analysis on the criminal enterprise of human trafficking. Liz brings over a decade of adolescent mentoring to help fill the gaps needed for a victim centered approach to this growing  crisis of sexual slavery in our country.


Executive Articulator/Co-Founder

In his ongoing pursuit of truth, freedom, and equality, Jesse brings a background in professional writing and independent research to bolster IoSEW's efforts to give a home and a voice to those who have neither.


Executive Protection Agent

As a security professional specializing in high threat operations, Jake has spent years providing operational and tactical assistance for various US Government Agencies as well as various high profile clients.  Jake has joined the fight against human trafficking bringing extensive and vital knowledge and experience to the difficult task of understanding the complex evolving threat brought by human traffickers, while also providing for the physical safety of both the victims and those dedicated to their service. 


Data & Technology 

Trained in financial analysis with an acute interest and studies in national security and criminal organizations, Ryan brings more than a decade of analytical research to IoSEW’s mission to restore
dignity and self-determination.